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The Danube Bend is a curve of the Danube in Hungary, close to the town of Visegrad.

The Danube Bend – an excursion into Hungary’s history. This is an unforgettable tour along the Danube river with stops in Szentendre, Visegrad and  Esztergom.

This region is touristically very significant.The landscape and the river attracts a lot of visitors both from the homeland and abroad.

This full-day tour of the Danube is ideal for people who want to combine history with nature and would like to enjoy some of the most beautiful countryside in Hungary.You will see historic monuments and art memorials while your guide provides a lively narrative of Hungarian life.

szentendre tour


Szentendre village of the artis. It is a small baroque city at the gate of the Danube Bend, at the meeting place of the river Danube and the Pilis mountains, in a beautiful natural environment.

We walk around the baroque settlement, built on medieval ruins and go up the narrow streets to the panorama point to see the Danube.

We then simply enjoy the special atmosphere of this village.

You can also take the opportunity to visit the museums (for example the world-famous Margit Kovacs Ceramic Museum, the Confectionery Museum-with buildings and people made of marzipan), or you can choose to visit the shops of the village.

visegrad castle


You will visit the 750-year-old Royal Residence at Visegrad where you will learn about life in the Middle Ages while enjoying spectacular views of the Danube Valley.



Esztergom: the Northern gate of Budapest – the centre of the Catholic Church.

We visit the largest cathedral of Hungary (also burial place of famous cardinals of Hungary, like Primate Jozsef Mindszenty). Afterwards, we glance across the river and enjoy the view over to Slovakia.

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