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Pilgrimage tours in Europe

Are you planning a pilgrimage to Poland or Eastern Europe?

You decide the itinerary, we provide the luxury VIP bus, with comfortable reclining leather armchairs and a reliable, professional English-speaking driver.

During a trip of several days, you can visit the Jewish heritage in Poland or even in Eastern Europe.

It is not necessary for you to decide on the route to Poland, as we have often already done so, so we can even organize your entire trip.
Route is usually the following: Warsaw - Lodz - Kazimierz Dolny - Lublin - Leczna - Wlodawa - Sobibor - Chelm - Izbica - Zamosc - Belzec - Lezajsk - Lancut - Rzeszow - Tarnow - Krakow - Auschwitz - Krakow

This is a fascinating journey through the most important places of the rich history of the Jews in Poland. 
The journey is an attempt to reconstruct the past.

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