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Glass of Red Wine

We offer you an unforgettable guided wine tasting tour with traditional Hungarian hot meal in Etyek, Neszmely, Eger, Tokaj or Villany wine region

Our guides have more than 20 years of experience in guiding wine-tours throughout Hungary.
We are pleased to invite you to a special journey of exciting flavours and cultural experiences.

We have desire to share our passion for wines and give our visitors a specialized experience by visiting some of Hungary’s best wineries.
The goal is to provide a unique experience and to reveal to them all the secrets of Hungarian winemaking that predate Roman times.

Our mission is to make your stay in Hungary unforgettable!

We want our guests to feel comfortable, while exploring the history of winemaking in Hungary, seeing different ways of production, visiting smaller and larger wineries, trying the best wines for our climate and complement their adventure with food specialties specific to our country and tradition.

Our wine tasting tours with chauffeur service and wine expert guide can be ordered to the following wine regions:


Etyek wine region


Neszmély wine region


Eger wine region


Villány wine region


Tokaj - Hercegkút wine region

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