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Mercedes S-Class in Kerestir
Jewish cemetery in Kerestir

Visit the Wonder Rabbi's grave and the Jewish cemetery in Kerestir with us!

The small town of Kerestir, Hungary became the focal point of an annual pilgrimage of thousands of followers and descendants of the town’s most famous resident, Reb Shaya’le of Kerestir. 
Everyone wants to connect to the Tzadik and latch on to his merit on this most auspicious day, the anniversary of his passing on the 3rd of Iyar.

Every year, we transport hundreds of visitors to Kerestir and its surroundings, they visited the directions or various Jewish cemeteries in the area.
From one person up to 53 guests, you can book a transfer or even a full-day program with us.
In the event of a pre-order, our drivers will wait for you at the airport with VIP Sprinters, then deliver you to the desired address and wait, then depart at the requested time or take you to another address, or return you to the airport.

Most visited destinations in Hungary:

  • Bodrogkeresztur or Kerestir

  • Tokaj

  • Olaszliszka

  • Satoraljaujhely

  • Sarospatak

  • Nagykallo

  • Tarcal

  • Ujfeherto

  • Mad

  • Nyirtass

  • Csenger

  • Abaujszanto

  • Erdobenye

  • Tallya 

Unfortunately, most Jewish cemeteries are rarely walkable due to their neglected state, and the tombstones are often difficult to read.
Upon prior request, we can search the cemeteries of the Tokaj Mountains by name and village, so you can easily find the grave you are looking for when visiting the site, based on the GPS coordinates we have found for you. 

VIP Sprinter in Tarcal
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